Semi Permanent Makeup Artist, Semi Permanent Makeup, Semi Permanent Makeup Northamptonshire

Anti-aging & Fillers

All of our Anti-aging & Filler treatments are prescribed and administered by Our Registered Nurse Liz.

Reduce and improve the visible signs of ageing, such as lines and wrinkles or unflattering folds and creases, using wrinkle relaxing injections, Dermal Fillers and non-injectable treatments.

We use the juvederm range of fillers produced by Allergan. Juvederm is used by millions of people around the world to enhance their facial looks. Fillers are used to smooth wrinkles and add volume in a subtle way and there are a number of different fillers in the range designed specifically for different areas of the face.

Lower face, lips, cheeks

The filler is a smooth gel made up of hyaluronic acid. The smooth gel is injected under the skin using an ultra fine needle. the gel fills lines and adds volume. The filler also has a numbing agent, Lidocaine, within the product making the treatment relatively painless. We also offer a topical numbing agent to make the experience even more comfortable. Depending on the treatment and the product, results can last up to 18 months.
How it enhances your face
Juvederm enhances your face in 3 main ways:
Revitalises - Reduces or smooths lines, wrinkles and folds
Lifts - Restores lost volume to cheeks and chin for a gentle lifting effect
Defines - Subtly reshapes and redefines the lips and facial contours.

Semi Permanent Makeup Artist, Semi Permanent Makeup, Semi Permanent Makeup Northamptonshire

Chemical Peels

Skin peels are also known as chemical peels. Skin peels primarily work by exfoliating the skin, removing dead skin cells. Many different types of acid are used in this treatment. Most skin peels today are superficial in nature and therefore now skin peeling is actually observed.

How does a skin peel work?

First of all, glycolic acid is an Alpha Hydroxy Acid derived from sugar cane.
With a very small molecule size, it is able to penetrate through to the upper layers of the epidermis.
40% Glycolic Acid peel with a sensible pH is gentle enough not to induce unwanted peeling and irritation but powerful enough to deliver superb results. Therefore, maintaining a healthy, intact Stratum Corneum is essential.
Above all, "burning" does not necessarily lead to positive results.

What do skin peels treat?
Fine lines
Dry Skin
Oily Skin
Open Pores

Semi Permanent Makeup Artist, Semi Permanent Makeup, Semi Permanent Makeup Northamptonshire

IPL skin Rejuvination

What is the benefits of IPL skin rejuvenation?
Tightens and firms skin tone.
Diffuses redness and improves Rosacea.
Evens out mottled pigmentation and skin irregularities including sun/age spots and birthmarks.
Regenerates collagen, improving skin texture.
Reduces the appearance of fine lines.
Dispels broken veins and capillaries.

How does it work?

Laser collagen rejuvenation works by using a wavelength that will stimulate collagen in the deeper layers of the skin leaving the skin supported and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Using a specific wavelength which is the ND YAG 1064nm the laser targets the dermal layer of the skin to induce the collagen production by heating up the cells that create the scaffolding in the deep layers.
Why should I have this treatment?

This treatment is great for anyone wishing to prevent the ageing process and also for anyone who wishes to achieve youthful results without the use of injectable. However this treatment can be used to enhance the results of injectable treatments too.
What areas of my body can be treated?

At DestinationSkin we treat the whole face with this treatment. Other treatments are available if you wish to treat the body areas that pose the concerns of laxed, sagging or lack of collagen.
What results can I expect?

After one session your skin will feel plumper and the skin will feel more supported as well as a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. As the collagen production is always breaking down more than one treatment will be needed to achieve desired results.


Derma Roller

The derma roller is a hand held device that is rolled across the surface of the skin creating thousands of tiny pin pricks. These microscopic pin pricks stimulate the skin to repair itself and causes the production of new collagen.

A course of 3 is generally recommended but you will notice the difference after the first treatment.

Derma Roller treatment is perfect for:
Acne scars
Neck and décolletage
Pigmentation and sun damage
Fine lines and wrinkles on the upper lip
Enlarged pores



Mesotherapy is a minimally-invasive treatment that can help to rejuvenate and firm the face and body. At Emily louise, we have a wealth of experience and expertise in targeting skin that's lost firmness and tone for a more youthful look.*

The treatment delivers a tailored cocktail of nutrients such as hyaluronic acid, vitamins, minerals and amino-acids through a state-of-the-art power injector.

Pain free and relatively quick, this advanced procedure stimulates collagen and elastin production to lift, tighten and firm. It's a gentle yet effective approach to anti-ageing that builds cumulative results over time.*


Cyrolipolisis ( Fat Freezing)

Cryolipolysis is a way of removing fat by freezing fat cells in a controlled environment. With results showing a 40% fat decrease after just one treatment session, it is fast becoming a popular fat removing solution. The treatment can more commonly be known as, fat freezing, lipo freeze plus many more

. The treatment works by freezing stubborn pockets of fat so that the body disposes of these fat cells naturaly.

The procedure can remove of stubborn areas of fat such as saddlebags, love handles and double chins. It can effectively reduce areas of fat resistant to diet or exercise with fewer side effects than traditional procedures such as liposuction.
Burn surplus fat, Lymphatic Treatment, skin tightening, improves skin elasticity.
Intensive physical lipolysis to remove surplus fat.
Improve conditions of sagging skin.
Fat freeze fat reducing.
Skin lifting.


Laser Lipo

Laser Lipo is a revolutionary pain free inch loss treatment that will change the way you think about plastic surgery.

No pain, no down time and a healthier way of life.
Essentially, it's a simple 8-step process which can take inches off target areas and provide dramatic results:

Consultation and target area measurement.

Diode laser paddles are attached to a strap and placed on the fatty areas.

Two smaller Probe lasers are placed over lymphatic glands and held in place by underwear.

The Laser Lipo will then be switched on for 10 minutes and then relocated to another area if required.

The treated area will be measured to assess inch loss achieved and depending on the client, results are expected to be between 0.5 and 3 inches.

You will then need to do a minimum of 30 minutes of cardio exercise to boost your lymphatic system and burn off some of the excess energy that has been released from the fat cells.

Drink at least 2 litres of water per day.

Semi Permanent Makeup Artist, Semi Permanent Makeup, Semi Permanent Makeup Northamptonshire

Liz Appleton - Registered Nurse

Our Registered Nurse Liz who Offers Anti-aging & Fillers and was trained by some of the UK's best doctors in great Harley street, London. Liz Stays up to date with the National requirements and still actively works within the NHS.
Liz is keen on continuing personal development reccently completing a masters in advanced care.

Semi Permanent Makeup Artist, Semi Permanent Makeup, Semi Permanent Makeup Northamptonshire

Emily Varnfield - Aesthetican

Emily is very passionate about advanced skincare and this shows within her professional CV. Emily has dedicated most of her time to training in the latest and safest treatments with some of the best training providers within the industry.

With not only a back ground in beauty but also in Health care Emily understands the legal requirements for Safe and quality practise.

Emily did an amazing job - so professional and i am in LOVE with my brows! Did exactly how I wanted them and I can't wait for my top up treatment <3 I would give 10 stars if i could, very very good treatment xx

Charlotte Leonard

Always feel so welcomed when coming to get my eyebrows done and always leave feeling satisfied with the service ! Amazing bunch of girls 💕

Josh Clayton

Thankyou so much for listening to my needs, having suffered with alopecia for years and attending the salon for a consultation I felt at ease in the first instance. I had my semi-permanent eyebrows done and I am so cuffed!!


I used Glam Dollies For their hair Services, Emily was fantastic when she did myself and my bridesmaids for my wedding. Emily Listened to everything we wanted. Such a lovely lady also , she was a pleasure.

Sophie Moore

Emily is amazing, a perfectionist who has a true passion for what she does. With a beautiful relaxing salon and such friendly staff, I wouldn't go anywhere else for my treatments 😊xx

Sue Neighbour


Non Surgical Face Lift

Get rid of wrinkles and fine lines with our advanced CACI facial treatments.

CACI anti-wrinkle treatments are a non invasive, cost effective alternative to fillers that give immediate results.
The CACI system uses microcurrent to tone, lift and re-educate the muscles back to their orignial position.

The CACI ultimate is the very first treatment system to combine Microcurrent, Facial Toning Crystal Free Orbital Microdermabrasion and LED Light Therapy Photo Stimulation.

The systems multifunctional capabilities enable to us to offer the most comprehensive range of non surgical treatment options, appealing to both male and female clients of all ages.


Non Surgical Bum Lift

Our Non-surgical Brazilian Bum Lift treatments utilises a combination of the most advanced non-invasive body technologies on the market today to safely and effectively enhance your rear appeal.

This treatment can:
Sculp the curves of your bum
Tone the derriere
Treat cellulite and fatty deposits
Lift loose, sagging skin
Improve buttock shape
Advantages of Non-Surgical Brazilian Bum Lift
This is a completely non-surgical procedure with no downtime and is more cost effective than a surgical procedure.
We use a combination of Infrared and Radio Frequency energies to melt the fat pockets that cause dimpled and lumpy skin. With the combination of RF vacuum roller, the treatment will reposition the fat to create a more appealing buttock contour.


Non Surgical Boob Lift

Our Non-Surgical Breast Lift treatment is designed to give you fuller, and firmer breasts.
The painless procedure can produce immediate results, with more long lasting results if you undergo a course of treatments .
Unlike surgery, our Breast Lift treatment is designed to enhance your bodies assets in a safe a natural way, without breaking the bank.

How does it work?
Cupping is based on the tried and tested principles of Chinese medicine, which dates back many centuries. Combining this process with the latest in technological advancements allows us to provide a uniquely effective treatment.
In addition to the vacuum suction, we use intense pulse light therapy (IPL), radio frequency massage and light therapy.
The session lasts approximately 30 minutes, during which time the combined technologies will increase the blood flow in the capillaries, thickening the connective tissue and encouraging enlargement of the breasts.


Muscle Toning

Faradic Electrical Muscle Stimulation is the ultimate stand alone treatment to achieve the best results for weight and inch loss, it can be accompanied with an ultrasonic fat cavitation slimming session or inch loss body wrap for fast guaranteed results on your waistline, hips, thighs, buttocks or arms.
Faradic EMS is cited by renown sport scientists as a complementary technique for sport training.
Faradic EMS is a fast and effective way of re-shaping and muscle toning your body. The muscle lift waveform creates an involuntary contraction of the muscle and will target the superficial as well as deep muscles all over the body.
Superficial muscle is often hard to target through regular exercise and can be responsible for the loose appearance of skin on the stomach, thighs and upper arms. Faradic EMS targets these muscles as well as our deep core muscles and therefore improves the skin tone and firms loose saggy skin.
Burning fat is also a welcome side effect of Faradic EMS, since whenever we exercise a muscle we burn fat at the same time!
Utilizing 24 pads, placed specifically on your trouble spots primarily on the arms, abdomen, buttocks, thighs and back, EMS contracts over 300 times in a 45 minute session. This is the equivalent to working those same muscles at the gym for 3 hrs. For fast slimming and easy inch loss, EMS is a safe, comfortable and proven way to achieve results.
EMS is excellent for:
Fast Inch loss - for special occasion
Post pregnancy tummy tightening - highly recommended
Slimming Cellulite reduction - lymph drainage and muscle toning
Problem spot targeting - focus intensively on a trouble area
Muscle toning during dieting and weight loss programmes
Skin tightening and firming - toning superficial and deep muscles.
Improving circulation & lymphatic drainage
Rehab & strengthening exercise post injury or illness - fantastic as a non-weight bearing exercise.

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