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Laser Hair Removal is such a popular and effective solution to unwanted body hair. It can be used on any skin type and most hair types. It is a great option for those who want alternatives other hair removal methods. Some find waxing too painful or their skin is too sensitive or, epilation can be very time consuming. Shaving is repetitive and can leave razor rash and some hair removal creams can feel very harsh on the skin. All of those other methods can also leave ingrown hairs which can be painful and take a long time to go.

Laser hair removal can help you banish all of that for many years. No matter your reason whether it is practical, aesthetical, hygiene or just for the fun of it, laser hair removal can be, quite simply life changing and bring with it body confidence and valuable time savings. No more frantically hunting for the razor on those spontaneous nights out or indeed early morning gym sessions. Forget that feeling of mortification as you raise your arms and notice you haven't shaved those underarms or the swimming session delayed by bikini line shaving and the benefits of always feeling smooth and confident.

Introducing LumiLASE - our Diode Laser with its revolutionary cooling system allowing for virtually painless treatments, by ensuring temperatures are kept constant it results in a very pleasant treatment for you.
The next generation in medical grade laser, it is the professional gold standard in progressive laser hair removal treatments suitable for use on all skin types including tanned skin.
Our 808nm diode laser wavelength offers the deepest penetration levels and superior melanin absorption. These unique characteristics make LumiLASE the most suitable technology for laser hair removal, enabling safe and effective treatment on all skin and hair types, in all body areas, reducing the chance of hair re-growth and the risk of hyper pigmentation. The cold sapphire tip ensures the most comfortable treatment and boasts some of the fastest course times.
The LumiLASE machine was designed and manufactuered by our very own Emily-Louise , as part of her sister company LumiSKN - she is that passionate about the great results the machine offers so introduced this into the salon.

Emily is amazing, a perfectionist who has a true passion for what she does. With a beautiful relaxing salon and such friendly staff, I wouldn't go anywhere else for my treatments 😊xx

Sue Neighbour


The Consultation
In your consultation we discuss which areas you want to reduce your hair in, we patch test you and if all is well we start your treatment 24 hours later. Our courses reccomended are a minimun of 6 sessions and we space appointments from anywhere between 4-12 weeks apart dependant on the area treated.

The Treatment
Quick and virtually painless, we require your skin to be as closely shaven as possible and you must not epilate or wax in between sessions as it will diminish the results of your session, we need the hair follicle present. We have lots of different treatment options, from a single area, to combination areas to full body. We have a solution for you, simply book your laser consultation online now via our booking system to get started.


At Emily Louise Beauty, we offer a free consultation with one of our highly experienced Laser Therapists, who will discuss the area you wish to have treated, carry out a patch test on a small area of the skin and recommend how many sessions you will require. As our clients usually decide to have more than one area treated we also have a number of combination options to choose from.

- Centre Brow
- Lip, Chin, Neck & Jawline areas
- Sides of Face
- Full Face
- Underarms
- Nipples
- Stomach & Navel Area
- Lower Back
- Full arms
- Fore Arms
- Lower Legs
- Full Legs
- Upper Legs
- Hands & Feet

Bikini Area Options
NORMAL BIKINI LINE - Just the sides. Targets the hair outside the underwear

EXTENDED BIKINI LINE - Targets area for high rise underwear or swimwear

BRAZILIAN BIKINI - Leaves a strip of hair on pubic bone and removes all the hair underneath from the labia to the bum

HOLLYWOOD BIKINI- Totally bare, all hair is removed from pubic bone to bum

Laser Hair Removal Combination Options

Most women want to have hair removed from more than one area, so our Clinic has a number of
combination packages, special offers and promotions available every month to offer our customers excellent
value for money and silky, smooth, hair-free skin.

Underarm + Bikini Line
Underarm + Bikini Line + Lower Legs
Underarm + Brazilian Bikini
Lower Legs + Bikini Line
Full Legs + Bikini Line
Full Legs + Brazilian Bikini + Underarm (FREE)
Full Legs + Hollywood Bikini + Underarm (FREE)
Create your own combination


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