What are the benefits of microneedling?

Skin needling has over 10 years of clinical research and data that prove the procedure can be used to improve the appearance of:

Acne and trauma scars
Photo-damaged & ageing skin
Facial and décolleté lines and wrinkles
Stretch marks

And because skin needling stimulates natural responses in the skin, the results you'll see are completely natural too.

Dermapen Microneedling

Dermapen is an advanced, electronic, skin needling treatment that has replaced dermarollers because they are more comfortable and deliver improved results. Professional skin needling procedures stimulate the skin to regenerate and repair itself naturally, resulting in smoother, brighter, younger and healthier looking skin.

What is the difference between home and salon microneedling products compared to professional skin needling?

Microneedling devices sold for home use,have extremely short needles which only penetrate the skin's surface - typically less than 0.5 mm depth. While these devices can help topical serums penetrate your skin's epidermis they do nothing to stimulate your skin's regeneration.

Professional skin needling penetrates the skin at depths of 1.0-5.0 mm, depending on the concern being treated. To ensure patient safety, and prevent the risk of infection, professional skin needling should only be carried out at registered clinics by certified professionals.

How does microneedling work?

The Dermapen electronic headpiece allows us to accurately control needle depth and produce thousands of focused microneedling columns in your skin's dermis, which stimulates the skin to naturally produce new collagen, new cells and improve the structure of the dermis (the lower level of the skin).The needles themselves have tiny, micro diameters - hence the term microneedling.

Treatments can be further enhanced by combining them with plasma serum which accelerates and improves the rejuvenation process.

What is involved in the procedure
Before treatment your practitioner will numb your skin using a topical anesthetic, so your microneedling procedure will be comfortable.
They will then use the dermapen to microneedle your skin whilst using a serum that allows the handpiece glide across your skin. The treatment will take around 45-60 minutes, depending on the area being treated.

Immediately after your treatment you will look as though you have moderate sunburn, and your skin may feel warmer and tighter than usual. To assist your skin in its recovery you practitioner may apply a post-procedure product.

Treatment plans vary depending on the concern being treated, but you should expect 3-6 treatments spaced 6 weeks apart.

What is the pre/post treatment advice?

You should avoid any potentially irritating skin care products for at least 3 days prior to your treatment. You should then avoid intensive UV exposure and artificial exposure for at least 2 weeks after your procedure.
It is important that you use a high level broad spectrum UVB|UVA sun protectant on a daily basis during this period, even in winter and on cloudy days.

What results can you expect?
After you complete your treatment plan, you can expect a significant improvement in your skin's texture and tone or reduction in scars. As the treatment is utilising your skin's natural rejuvenation process, results will be visible 3 months after your last treatment, but be assured you see a difference which looks natural and is long lasting.